Board of Directors

John Perches, President (Term Expires: 5/26)
Bill Cox Jr, Vice President (Term Expires: 5/26)
Jenya Harrison, Secretary (Term Expires: 5/24)
G. Crist Burger, Deputy Secretary (Term Expires: 5/24)
Pamela Mabry, Director (Term Expires: 5/26)


Northwood Municipal Utility District No. 1, a political subdivision of the
State of Texas, was created by an Order of the Texas Water Commission, now the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (the “TCEQ” or “Commission”) in 1985, and operates as a municipal utility district pursuant to Chapters 49 and 54 of the Texas Water Code. The District contains approximately 501.401 acres of land. The District is located entirely within the corporate boundaries of the City of Houston, Texas, approximately 20.5 miles north of the central business district of Houston. The District is bounded by FM 1960 on the northeast side and by Aldine-Westfield Road on the southwest side. The property boundary on the southeast side of the District is the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The District is located entirely within Harris County, Texas, and the Aldine Independent School District.

District Map

District Map (PDF)